Vanilla Ice Project Season 4


Vanilla Ice Project Season 4 premiered March 8, 2014 at 10PM on the DIY Network. In it’s 4th season, the Vanilla Ice Project is one of the hottest shows on the DIY Network (owned by Scripps Networks who also owns HGTV). Rob Van Winkle, aka Vanilla Ice, renovates dilapidated mansions in his hometown of Palm Beach, FL and turns them into pimped out palatial estates fit for a rockstar. In addition to being incredibly entertaining, you also discover just how talented and passionate Vanilla Ice is with fixing up houses. What used to be a hobby has turned into a very profitable side business for the international music superstar.

Here is what some of his fans have to say about the show:

“You’re the only guy on TV with the balls to buy, fix up and flip a multi-million dollar mansion!”

“Best f$*%&# show on cable!” — Prime Minister Rosa

“I really enjoy your house flip show” — Robin Dickson

“Hi Vanilla Ice, Love Love Love all your DIY Network shows!!! You and your crew do absolutely amazing work!!! Ice Ice Baby…Word to your Mother!!” — Kevin Benn

Check out the show that has become the hottest house flipping show on cable television, the Vanilla Ice Project Season 4.