Captain Vanilla?

Vanilla Ice will star as Captain Hook at Chatham's Central Theatre

Rapper Vanilla Ice has arrived in Chatham ahead of his first pantomime.

The Ice Ice Baby star, who will star as Hook in Peter Pan at this year’s Central Theatre show, attended his first rehearsal yesterday.

He said he was excited to be here and revealed that Jedward and even Hollywood actor Adam Sandler could be sitting in the audience this year.

Ice, whose real name is Rob Van Winkle, flew straight from America to the UK for his first rehearsal and admitted he hasn’t even had time to read the whole script.

The American said: “This is my first day here and I’m super jet lagged and tired, but it’s great because the cast are so energetic and it energises me.

“I haven’t seen anything in Chatham yet. I came straight from the airport and I didn’t even look out of the window because I was just reading my lines. I’m only half way through the script.”

Ice, who said he had fans flying in from all over Europe to see the show, added that a few more famous faces might make an appearance.

“Adam Sandler is a really good friend of mine and he said he was coming over to see the panto and Jedward are definitely coming as well.

“Adam might be kidding, but I’m going to let him know that I’m two shows a day, buddy – so come on down and bring the kids over – they’ll love it.”

Ice, who will be spending Christmas in England this year with his family, added: “I sure do love all these little adventures and I never thought I’d do theatre. It’s all an adventure for me.”

Peter Pan is at the Central Theatre, Chatham, from Thursday, December 8, to Saturday, December 31. To book, phone 01634 338338 or visi

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