Vanilla Ice Working on “Ice My House Contest” Winner’s Home

Vanilla Ice , aka Rob Van Winkle, returned to Dallas today and was employing mad DIY skillz in the brutal North Texas heat. He’s working on the home of Sean and Erica Heatley, North Dallas residents and avid fans of Ice’s Vanilla Ice Project on the DIY Network.

Vendor and construction cars lined the street near the Heatleys’ home as Van Winkle started work on their poolhouse. Production crews surrounded Van Winkle as he and the Heatleys started working on the poolhouse’s outdoor shower.

Van Winkle, whose rap single “Ice Ice Baby” made him a pop icon, attended high school in Carrollton and regards Dallas as his hometown. He was all smiles about being back home.

“It’s been twenty-something years since I lived here, but I see some changes,” Van Winkle told neighborsgo ‘s Gloria Salinas. “Well you know, I used to ride dirt bikes in this place they call Frisco. It used to be just trees, it’s like they have these cities now with names that I don’t even remember because they weren’t even developed cities. It was kind of the outskirts.”

Van Winkle now lives in St. Lucie, Fla., and his mom and sister still live in the Dallas area.
“So yeah there’s been quite a few changes, but I see a lot of growth here and I see a lot of excitement here and you know it’s my hometown still,” he said. “I still remember a lot of these roads and everything.”

One of neighborsgo’s Facebook fans already had a rap written for his visit: “Stop. Collaborate and Listen, Ice is back in town doing some demo-lition.”